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WSJ: TrueBridge Featured as a Leader in the C-suite Interim Space

True Platform company TrueBridge was praised in The Wall Street Journal as a partner that can assist with the administrative tasks of interim leadership–so companies and executives can focus on the rest.

It’s part of a larger article discussing the growing trend of hiring contract executives, also known as CXOs.  These contract executives, who are experienced and highly skilled professionals, are becoming popular for various reasons.  In the current market conditions, companies are more hesitant to commit to long-term expensive solutions, including permanent hires. Contract executives provide an alternative solution, allowing companies to bring in experts for specific projects or transitions such as mergers, acquisitions, or initial public offerings.  They can also serve as an intermediary step for organizations considering permanent hires, providing an opportunity to assess compatibility and increase the chances of long-term success.

Erin Peterson is the head of talent for private equity firm Great Hill Partners. She mentioned TrueBridge as a partner that can handle the administrative side of interim work so executives can focus on the roles.  Through a world-class network and committed leadership teams, TrueBridge is able to provide insight and guidance for both clients and talent looking to navigate this space.

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