Interim Leaders

Interim Leaders Bridge the Gap

Interim Leaders

Interim leaders are embedded in organizations, working full-time, for a set period of time. These roles differ from fractional and advisory positions in length and intensity.  Interim leaders typically lead through periods of transition or until a permanent placement is hired. 

Use cases

  • retaining an executive in the seat while the company looks for a permanent placement, which can be a protracted process
  • working with an executive who has specific expertise applicable to a prolonged but defined stage in the company’s life cycle, such as an IPO
  • bringing in a source of stability during more volatile periods like times of rapid departures across a team or rapid growth

Making the Most of a Talent Transition

Client Spotlight

ReCharge (a Series B subscription management software company backed by Bain Capital Ventures, Summit, and ICONIQ) needed a strategic interim CFO with exceptional EQ who was capable of leading the function until a full-time hire was secured. TrueBridge deployed a multi-time CFO who spent 18 years in the CFO seat at three fintech / SaaS-related investor backed companies.

Laura Hilton (Head of Executive Talent at BCV) said the following about her experience – “TrueBridge has been a fantastic partner to us. They understand the complexities and immediacy required in connecting our portfolio companies with highly skilled, experienced, and emotionally intelligent candidates.”