Fractional Leaders

Fractional Leaders Target Business Needs

Fractional Leadership

Fractional executives are usually retained for a few days per week. These kinds of engagements can span several weeks or several months.

Fractional engagements can be regarded as “leaner” versions of interim roles, and can be more cost-effective in that regard. Fractional roles are also the perfect fit for cases where there is a need to supplement existing resources within the company with the knowledge and expertise that a part-time “A-player” executive can bring.

Use Cases

  • be hands on and bring their specific skill set to guide a team through a new growth stage or venture
  • lead the implementation of a specific project
  • provide overall leadership on a temporary basis to an existing team, particularly when the team is already seasoned and consolidated
  • when an experienced leader can only fit the available budget and work scope on a part-time basis

New Solutions to Talent Challenges

Client Spotlight

A Series E, venture backed operator of a mobile focused ticket platform had an urgent need for a seasoned HR executive to lead the team after their most recent CHRO suddenly departed. After being referred to TrueBridge by the lead investor’s Talent Partner, the company deployed a TrueBridge Network member on a fractional basis of 2-3 days/week to help manage the current HR team of 40 employees and provide creative insights to further accelerate their growth. Our Network Member had significant experience across VC-backed tech / tech-enabled companies ranging from series B through IPO and 100 to 5000 employees. With an established and more mature team already in place, a full-time role was not required to fulfill the desired scope and so we structured a fractional assignment to provide just the right amount of support needed to provide high impact.